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What a Summer of Sevens! Wrapping up the 2023 Nirvana Spa Super Sevens Series!

The echoes of the referee's whistle have faded, the crowds have departed, and the Greene King IPA Haberden pitches are quiet once again after the successful conclusion of the Nirvana Spa Super Sevens Series UK. This competition provided a phenomenal display of international sevens rugby, with teams from across the globe demonstrating their skill, speed, and sportsmanship in a series of electrifying showdowns.

In the Elite Men's division, Rugby Deutschland demonstrated their prowess, claiming the coveted number one spot with a remarkable total of 67 tournament points. Their game was defined by strategic precision, exceptional speed, and a cohesive team dynamic that allowed them to secure 73 tries, the highest in their division. Their performance across the series solidified their reputation as a formidable force in the world of sevens rugby.

Chasing closely on their heels were the Barracudas, who finished second in the series, with an impressive points difference of 282. With their signature blend of relentless attack and solid defence, they managed to strike a balance that took them far in the series, securing their position as one of the top teams in the world.

In third place, the Apache showcased their strength and resilience, overcoming fierce competitors and solidifying their standing within the series. Their ability to remain focused and competitive in high-pressure situations was a testament to their tenacity, earning them well-deserved recognition in the series.

The Elite Women's division saw equally intense competition. The Hammerheads emerged victorious, showcasing a perfect blend of strategy, strength, and skill. Their relentless pursuit of victory saw them overcome various challenges, securing first place in the series with a superior points difference.

Matching them stride for stride were the Samurai RFC, who showcased their class, power, and precision throughout the series, finishing second only due to points difference. Their performance highlighted their resilience and the strength of women's rugby in the modern game.

Rounding off the top three in the women's division were the Lionesses. Their journey through the series was marked by determination and impressive team dynamics, attributes that no doubt contributed to their success.

A series of this magnitude relies heavily on the support and dedication of many individuals and organisations. We extend additional thanks to each of our hosts, the referee team who generously volunteered their time, and our dedicated volunteer workforce. Their combined effort helped us successfully manage each leg of the tournament and the demanding months in between.

We also wish to express our immense gratitude to our partners and sponsors. Nirvana Spa, our tournament sponsor, contributed significantly to the success of the series, enhancing the spectacle of our beloved game. Vaquita Apparel, our kit partner, provided top-quality apparel, instilling confidence and boosting morale among the players. Lastly, our hydration partner Nutrition X played a crucial role in maintaining the athletes' peak performance levels by ensuring they remained well-hydrated throughout the games.

In summary, the Nirvana Spa Super Sevens Series UK was a true testament to the thrilling nature of rugby sevens. We witnessed phenomenal displays of sportsmanship, unforgettable tries, and intensely competitive games. Our heartfelt thanks go to the players, sponsors, referees, volunteers, hosts, and of course, the dedicated fans. We eagerly anticipate what the next season will bring!

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