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The 2024 Super Sevens Series: A Vision for Growth, Inclusion, and Excellence in UK Rugby Sevens

Updated: Feb 28

Since our inception in 2009, the Super Sevens Series has been a beacon of evolution, passion and resilience within the UK rugby sevens landscape. Transitioning through various phases of change—in venues, formats and alternative pretender competitions —today, it stands as a testament to the dedication of the rugby community. Governed and run by those who breathe rugby, the Series embodies the spirit of the game, operating as the only non-profit independent tournament in the country, with the singular aim of elevating rugby sevens to unprecedented heights in the UK!

Elevating Exposure and Participation

The deliberate structuring of the 2024 Series over three legs (rather than previous four legs) —Farnham, Newbury, and Bury St Edmunds—reflects our core mission to bring rugby sevens into the limelight across the UK. By spanning the series across these strategically selected locations, we're not just hosting a tournament; we're trying to ignite the 7s passion nationwide! This movement aims to inspire everyone in or outside the rugby community , encouraging participation and nurturing the next generation of international rugby sevens stars.

A Pathway for Development

The choice of venues and the spread of the series dates are designed to offer more than just competitive play. They are a platform for development—for players, coaches, referees, and managers aspiring to the zenith of rugby sevens. Each leg of the series serves as a stepping stone, offering invaluable experience and exposure to the highest level of semi-professional rugby sevens in the UK.

Creating Unique Experiences

The 2024 Series is tailored to provide a special and unique experience for all stakeholders—athletes, spectators, volunteers, and sponsors like Nirvana Spa. The vibrancy of Farnham, the accessibility of Newbury, and the proven engagement of Bury St Edmunds are chosen to ensure each event is memorable, fostering a sense of community and belonging among all who partake in the series.

Raising Standards Through Careful Planning

Our mission to raise the standard of rugby sevens in the UK is reflected in the meticulous planning and execution of the series. By operating a well-organized semi-professional series at carefully selected venues, we're setting a benchmark for excellence, organisation, and sportsmanship, aligning with our goal to enhance the sport's profile and quality within the nation.

A National Identity and Collaborative Approach

The Super Sevens Series stands out in a crowded landscape of over 150 tournaments and 300 sevens-specific teams between May and August. By offering a national identity and top-level focus, the series provides direction and inspiration for everyone involved in the game, from grassroots to elite levels. Our collaborative approach, powered by a family of dedicated volunteers, sets us apart, ensuring the series not only survives but thrives, facing the challenges of generating revenue and exposure head-on. A Commitment to Consistency and Excellence

The unique structure of the Super Sevens Series sets it apart from the myriad of "one-off" tournaments in the rugby sevens landscape. Our series is meticulously designed to challenge teams not just in a single event, but over a span of three distinct and demanding legs. This format of "Serious Sevens" demands commitment, consistency, and a sustained level of high performance from participating teams.

This distinguishing feature of the Super Sevens Series has been a key factor in attracting esteemed international teams such as Spain, China, Germany, and Hong Kong. These teams recognize the value of competing in a series that tests their skills, strategies, and stamina across multiple events. It's a testament to the series' ability to provide a robust and competitive environment, one that mirrors the challenges and rigor of top-tier international play.

By participating in the Super Sevens Series, teams are not just entering a tournament; they are committing to a journey of growth, resilience, and excellence. This journey is what sets our series apart, making it a beacon for teams seeking to prove themselves in the realm of "Serious Sevens."

Looking to the Future

Inspired by our "big brother," the World Sevens Series, we are committed to continual evolution, aiming to leave a lasting legacy and contribute significantly to the growth of rugby sevens in the UK and beyond. The structure of the 2024 Series—its locations, timing, and goals—is a strategic step towards realizing this vision, promising a brighter, more inclusive, and highly competitive future for rugby sevens.

As we look forward to the 2024 Super Sevens Series, we're not just planning a series of events; we're laying the groundwork for the future of rugby sevens in the UK. Together, with the unwavering support of our volunteers, sponsors, and the rugby community, we're ready to make history, one try at a time.

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