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Dramatic Finale: Nirvana Spa Super Sevens Series UK 2023!

The electric atmosphere at The Greene King IPA Haberden, Bury St Edmunds set the stage for the unforgettable final leg of the Super Sevens Series. Packed with adrenaline-infused action, the grand finale offered up performances that both delighted spectators and reshaped the landscape of sevens rugby.

The Elite Men's competition roared into action with Rugby Deutschland squaring off against the Wooden Spoon Marauders on Pitch 1, where Deutschland asserted their dominance, securing an impressive 28-10 victory. Concurrently on Pitch 2, the Wild Dogs unleashed their prowess against the Lions, clinching a 33-17 triumph and stamping their authority early on.

In Group B of the men's division, Apache exhibited an impressive display of power against the Akuma Beavers, holding them scoreless in a 24-0 rout. Meanwhile, in Group C, the Hong Kong China Dragons breathed fire onto the pitch, snatching a hard-fought 31-14 victory against the Stunts.

On the women's side, Group A saw the Lionesses roar past the Wooden Spoon Marauders with a resounding 27-5 victory. Over in Group B, Hammerhead 7's made a splash against Bath Rugby, registering an emphatic 33-7 win.

As the day heated up, Wild Dogs held their ground against the SAMURAI Renegades with a decisive 27-7 win. The Barracuda's demonstrated their potency in Group C, slicing through the Stunts with an impressive 34-14 win.

The Lionesses continued their winning streak in the women's competition with a 27-17 victory over Savvy Panthers, while Hammerhead 7's continued to churn the waters, overwhelming the Wild Dogs with a hefty 36-5 win.

Progressing into the Men's Cup Quarterfinals, Rugby Deutschland preserved their undefeated run with a thrilling 31-26 victory over the Lions. The Wild Dogs carried their group stage success into the quarterfinals, pouncing on Hammerhead 7s with a resounding 28-14 triumph.

In the semi-finals, Barracuda's managed to swim past Rugby Deutschland in a nail-biting 24-19 game. On the women's side, the Lionesses showed their might, narrowly edging past the Wild Dogs 25-22, while the Hammerhead 7's displayed their dominance by storming past Savvy Panthers with a staggering 48-0 victory.

The finals were a spectacle to behold. Akuma Beavers clinched the Men's Bowl Final in a thrilling face-off against the Wooden Spoon Marauders with a 26-17 win. Samurai RFC clinched the Women's Plate Final with a comprehensive 36-0 victory over Bath Rugby. In the Women's Cup Final, Hammerhead 7's outplayed the Lionesses 24-14 to take home the trophy, while the Lions claimed the Men's Plate Final with a dominant 35-14 win over the Hammerhead 7s.

The climax of the day, the Men's Cup Final, was an edge-of-your-seat match where the Barracuda's reeled in the Wild Dogs with a 22-5 victory, taking home the coveted Cup.

As the sun set over The Greene King IPA Haberden, the cheers from the crowd and the roars of victory from the triumphant teams echoed across the stadium, marking the end of an exhilarating day of rugby. From thrilling comebacks to dominant displays, the final leg of the Super Sevens Series will surely live long in the memory of rugby fans around the world.

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