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Since 2009, when the first national sevens series was set up, the Super Sevens Series has gone through a lot of changes to evolve into what it has become today. From changing hands, venues and format to now being run and governed by rugby people for rugby people who have a genuine passion for the game of sevens, the Super Sevens Series is run as a non-profit making entity with a focus on running a professional series.

The purpose of the Series is to:

  • Bring unprecedented exposure to the sport in the UK

  • Encourage participation for Men and Women, to create the next generation of Rugby Sevens Internationals

  • Provide a development pathway for Players, Coaches, Referees and Managers with aspirations to reach the highest level of participation

  • Provide a special and unique experience for all involved.

  • Raise the standard of Rugby Sevens in the UK by operating a well organised semi-professional Rugby Sevens Series at carefully selected venues.


With specialist Sevens Teams and players being selected to participate in the very best (and currently only) Series in the UK. In the UK, there is currently little national identity and structure to the domestic Sevens game. There are over 150 tournaments between May and August and over 300 Sevens-specific teams. A national identity at the top level of the game provides a focus and direction for all involved, at every level of the game.

While tournaments stand independently of one another, the challenge of generating sufficient revenue and exposure for a non-profit making entity such as the Super Sevens Series remains challenging.

Most tournaments are limited by their local identities. The benefits of our collaborative approach via a UK Rugby Sevens Series, operated entirely by volunteers is Tenfold.

Our strong Super Sevens Series family of volunteers remain committed to continually evolve and improve year on year. Our big brother the World Sevens Series continues to be our guide and mentor.

Who knows where the Series will take us in years to come but we fully committed to play our part in growing the game.

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Barrie Torbett

Co Founder Super Sevens Series

Tel: +44 7789 266015

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