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Unstoppable Dragons and Dominant Beavers Emerge Victorious! #S7S-2023

The Super Sevens Series (S7S) continued to enthral rugby sevens fans with a day of thrilling battles and jaw-dropping plays in the third leg at Cobham RFC on June 17. The heat of the competition, matched only by the 30= degree heat on the day, only amplified as the teams vied for glory in the Elite Men's and Women's contests, eyeing the ultimate prize to be decided on July 1 at Bury St Edmunds.

The day got off to an explosive start as Rugby Deutschland showcased their mastery with a commanding 33-7 victory over the Akuma Beavers in the Elite Men's competition. CRX Marlborough followed suit, defeating the Stunts with a strong 38-10 win. In other early highlights, the Barracudas outmanoeuvred the Lions, netting a 31-7 victory.

In the Women's Elite competition, Samurai RFC left an indelible mark with an impressive 52-0 victory against Bath Rugby, while the Lionesses roared past the Wild Dogs with a score of 31-12. Momentum continued to build as the Akuma Beavers put up a spirited fight but fell to a determined Hammerhead 7's side, 38-7.

Midday brought an adrenaline surge as the competition heated up. The Wooden Spoon Marauders eked out a 32-26 victory against the Savvy Panthers in a tightly fought contest. In a surprise turn of events, the Wild Dogs upset Rugby Deutschland in a tightly contested 26-21 victory that had spectators on the edge of their seats.

In a face-off between the titans of the Women's Elite competition, Samurai RFC narrowly edged past the Lionesses 35-33 in what was undeniably one of the most exciting matches of the day. The Wild Dogs also clawed their way past Bath Rugby, notching a solid 46-5 victory.

As the day progressed into the afternoon, the elimination stages brought forward more thrilling rugby. The China Flying Dragons breathed fire, edging past the Wild Dogs 29-24, while Rugby Deutschland redeemed themselves with a decisive 27-12 victory against CRX Marlborough.

Meanwhile, in the Women's Plate Semi-Final, the Wild Dogs showed their resilience with a commanding 34-0 win against the Savvy Panthers, and the Wooden Spoon Marauders overcame Bath Rugby with a 32-19 scoreline.

The day concluded with the all-important finals. The Akuma Beavers hoisted the Men's Bowl after edging the Lions 26-21, while the Wild Dogs secured the Women's Plate with a 19-14 win against the Wooden Spoon Marauders. In the Women's Cup final, Akuma Beavers demonstrated their dominance with a 17-5 victory against Hammerhead 7's.

The Men's Plate saw a close contest between the Barracuda's and CRX Marlborough, with the former triumphing 19-14. The day culminated with a stunning showdown in the Men's Cup final, where the China Flying Dragons soared high above Rugby Deutschland, claiming a resounding 36-12 victory.

Post the third leg, Rugby Deutschland and Samurai RFC are leading the Elite Men's and Women's divisions with total tournament points of 55 and 52, respectively. Both teams have showcased exceptional form, with Samurai RFC, in particular, displaying a formidable point difference of 234 in the Women's division.

Despite their win, the China Flying Dragons still have work to do, currently sitting in the fifth position with 30 total tournament points. It is unfortunate that they missed the first leg at Farnham due to issues with their Visas as their recent victory could have seen them with a genuine chance of challenging for the title. How however, despite their momentum they need to hope a lot goes wrong for others and they have a great day at the final leg at Bury St Edmunds on July 1 to be in with any chance of being victorious overall.

What an extraordinary day of sevens rugby it was at Cobham RFC, and amidst the breathtaking plays and dazzling displays of teamwork, two players stood tall, carving their names into the annals of the Super Sevens Series.

In the Elite Women's division, it was Becca Wye who stole the show with her magnificent prowess. Unyielding, swift, and precise, Wye was the torch that lit the path to victory, cementing her name as the Women's Player of the Tournament.

Over on the Elite Men's side, Wang Bao of China Flying Dragons showcased why he is considered a force to be reckoned with. A thrilling blend of speed, strength, and strategy, Bao displayed a rugby masterclass on the pitch. His exhilarating performance throughout the day rightfully earned him the coveted title of Men's Player of the Tournament.

As we anticipate the upcoming action, with such tight competition in both the Elite Men's and Women's divisions, the teams regroup for the fourth and final leg of the S7S at Bury St Edmunds on July 1! With anticipation building to see who will claim the ultimate prize in both the Elite Men's and Women's competitions. Stay tuned for more intense Rugby Sevens action!

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