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Try Time: High-Octane Drama Defines Super Sevens Series Opener

As the sun rose over Farnham RFC, rugby fans and teams from around the county, country and world eagerly turned out for the start of the Nirvana Super Sevens Series (S7S). The first day of the series did not disappoint, treating spectators to a smorgasbord of rugby action.

The day started strong with the Hong Kong China Dragons breathing fire against the Hammerhead 7s, ending with a decisive 29-7 victory. The Dragons' performance was a dazzling display of rugby finesse, leaving spectators eager for more.

Not to be outdone, Rugby Deutschland put on a powerhouse performance against the Akuma Beavers, securing a confident 28-10 win. The match was a showcase of German precision and discipline, signaling they were a force to be reckoned with.

The women's matches also provided their share of adrenaline. Samurai RFC and the Savvy Panthers faced off against their respective opponents, each demonstrating their mettle. Samurai RFC’s fierce onslaught against the Wild Dogs led to a whopping 39-0 victory. Meanwhile, the Savvy Panthers fell to the Lionesses, in a tense match ending 20-10.

However, the match of the morning arguably belonged to the Hammerhead 7's women's team. Their ruthless 46-0 demolition of the Akuma Beavers was a testament to their preparation and determination, leaving a lasting impression as the morning games wrapped up.

As the day heated up, so did the competition. The Hong Kong China Dragons continued their impressive run with a 27-19 victory over the Wooden Spoon Marauders, while Rugby Deutschland maintained their winning streak with a solid 21-10 win against the Lions.

In the women's games, the Savvy Panthers redeemed themselves with a hard-fought 19-17 win over the Samurai RFC. Meanwhile, the Lionesses continued to roar with a 41-21 triumph over the Wild Dogs, further adding to the day's excitement.

As the sun began to set and the stakes got higher, the Dragons and the Apache faced their respective opponents in the Cup quarterfinals. The Dragons maintained their fiery form with a 26-7 win over CRX Marlborough, while the Apache were victorious against the Hammerhead 7s, ending 35-17.

The Samurai RFC women's team reminded everyone why they were champions, defeating the Wooden Spoon Marauders 31-7 in the Cup semifinals. The Hammerhead 7's women's team followed suit, overcoming the Lionesses with a 24-5 victory.

The day culminated in a heart-stopping finale as the men's teams from Hong Kong and Rugby Deutschland clashed in the Cup Final. In a nail-biting match, Rugby Deutschland edged out the Dragons 19-17, ending the day with a thrilling victory that left spectators on the edge of their seats.

The first leg of the S7S was an unforgettable showcase of talent, strategy, and athleticism. Now, all eyes are on Newbury RFC, where the next leg takes place on June 3rd. If today was any indication, the rugby world is in for another fantastic day of action. As is tradition, a Male and Female player of the Leg was achosen, both goign to Cup Final Winners, in the Womens Case it was Dutch player Mariet Luijken of Samurai RFC Warriors and for the Men, it was Rugby Deutschland number 10, Jakob Dipper - Congratulations to both and we lookforward to seeing you at coming legs! Check out the current standings to see how things look after the first leg.

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