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Super Sevens Series 2023 - Round Two: Anyone for a Double?

On a day where Rugby Deutschland, Samurai Women and Savvy Panthers all confirmed their second sets of silverwear in the Series so far, rugby passion ignited the field of Newbury RFC on June 3rd, as the second leg of the Super Sevens Series (S7S) took UK rugby enthusiasts by storm. Elite men's and women's squads went head-to-head, showing off their prowess in a thrilling series of matches that further raised the profile of UK Rugby Sevens.

The day's action kicked off with an authoritative display from Rugby Deutschland, who decisively outplayed Stunts with a 39-0 victory. Concurrently on Pitch 2, Apache demonstrated their power, defeating the Lions with a score of 31-12. The early morning games set the tone for the day, with high-quality rugby leaving spectators and players alike buzzing with excitement.

Next up, China's Flying Dragons scorched their way past Hong Kong China Dragons, winning 27-0 in a dazzling display of agility and tactical brilliance. The Barracudas followed suit by overpowering the Wooden Spoon Marauders in a 36-14 victory, showcasing the very best of Rugby Sevens.

In the women's competition, the Samurai RFC and the Lionesses left their mark. Samurai RFC's precision and skill were on full display as they triumphed 40-7 over Hammerheads 2, while the Lionesses clawed their way to a narrow 24-19 victory against the Wild Dogs in a nail-biting contest. Hammerhead 7's and the Wooden Spoon Marauders also carved out wins against Bath Rugby (32-14) and Savvy Panthers (24-17), respectively.

The intensity only heightened as the day progressed, with each game acting as a thrilling theatre of tactical nous and raw talent. Apache barely scraped a win against Hammerhead 7s, with a one-point margin (15-14) keeping spectators on the edge of their seats, while Rugby Deutschland lost a hard-fought battle against the Wild Dogs (17-12).

By the time the men's Cup final rolled around, the energy at Newbury RFC was electric. Apache, after a day of tough battles, found themselves staring down Rugby Deutschland. In a spectacular display of strength and agility, Rugby Deutschland pulled ahead to a 26-12 victory, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of Rugby Sevens.

In the women's competition, the Cup final saw Samurai RFC take on the Wooden Spoon Marauders. In a close encounter, Samurai RFC came out on top with a 24-19 win, their relentless determination proving too much for the Marauders.

Thanks to our sponsors Nirvana Spa, Vaquita Apparel, and Nutrition X, the second leg of the S7S was an event to remember. The teams now regroup and look ahead to the third leg at Cobham RFC. If the action so far is anything to go by, we're all in for a treat. Stay tuned!

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